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Naturally Virtuous You

My name is Courtney and I am from Alabama. I am the owner of Naturally Virtuous You. I wanted to take this moment to say, "THANK Thank you for following me on Instagram and for the positive energy you've sent my way. I really appreciate all of the likes on my posts too. Your support fills my heart with so much joy. I am so excited to share my products with you and share how beneficial they are for your skin. I take a lot of pride in creating my products and I hope that you enjoy using them with your whole family. In many of my products, I use infused oils. Infused oils have many medicinal properties that are beneficial for your skin and hair. I infuse Organic Golden Jojoba oil with calendula flowers, and rosemary trimmings. I add those oils to my lip balm, healing salves, and beard balms. I am in the progress of adding more products that have been infused with other types of flowers and herbs. I can't wait to share those products with you. Be sure to share my products with your loved one's. They deserve to be pamper themselves too! If there is a certain type of product that you need, let me know. I would LOVE to make a product just for you. Visit my store: Photo credit: Quentin Richardson Photography Happy Skin, Naturallv Virtuous You ??


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