Zammorak thing is located at the zammorak chapel

“Well, um-uhhh–hmmmmmm….it goes like that… I was just trying to help what I thought of as lost souls. . I RuneScape gold don’t have any patience for your humorous remarks. (name) You have awaken all of us, so will you ruin two of our most powerful diciples and balance runescape again!! .” He tells you that all disciples have some thing to recall their lifestyles by and there is bound to be aspects of their life left which can use in a weapon. Guthix thing is found in the islands that are lost, simply chisel the statue a scale will look (balance ) Saradomin thing is found in entrana, go to the alter and use your hammer with it you with get a dove (peace)Zammorak thing is located at the zammorak chapel by ardougne go inside and use the hammer with all the alter you will get a warhammer (destruction power) ( you only have to get two of those pieces they are contingent on the god you choose to side on. Return to the lost land of guth… talk into the archeoligist ask him how to get back to the last showdown area. He says he will need 50 noted swordies, 75 mentioned lobbies, 20 noted p pots, and 10 ranarr weeds.Give him the suppies he says”OK I have focused on the area just speak to me again when you are ready”. At this time visit the bank get all the armor food and p pots you will need to kill 2 lvl 300’s almost in a row, also use the 2 objects u got from the places (the 2 gods u didnt picked ) and use it with all the idol of the god you did select, it will turn into the weapon mentioned above. It’ll be strong and the cheap School RS Gold only weapon that can impact the god Disciples so dont bother to bring some other weapons.

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