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# not the most useful command but it gets the job done

. Forks to a new session, sets some values and creates a new window. The command id must be unique (obtained from the window id)

. It is always true that once a window is created the command id can not be reused.

I2P is split into multiple sessions, one per address, one session per browser window. Each session is represented by a single interface and its connection info. All communication with I2P is performed via this session. The socket connection between I2P and the host system is represented by an InternalTCPConnection.

. All TCP related commands are issued via the internal socket. This means that those commands are executed on the I2P side and then translated to the host system.

. All I2P commands are executed in a transaction that can be rolled back.

The session has a parent called the queue. All commands that are sent to the session are queued here. As soon as they are queued the session is then entered into a command queue. A single command will be processed in some order, so a queue is a good way to keep track of the order that commands are being processed.

. Once the command queue has processed all queued commands it will go back to the parent session. At that point a new queue is started and the first queued command will be processed.

A queue can only be handled by a single thread, unless it is in the middle of a transaction.

. If a thread is unable to handle a new queue it does the following:

. – it adds the queue to a list of stalled queues

. – it continues processing the queued commands in the parent session

. – it repeats this process until the parent session has no more queued commands.

Queues are processed in some order, the details of which are not currently exposed to the user. However, queues should be processed in such a way that if a command for address A is processed, then any commands for address B should not be processed until after the first command for address A has completed. It is important that the whole transaction is processed in the correct order.

Tasks are queued when the task is started. A new session is started













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