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online games. Can you guys tell me what you think?

Question: How can I make an app start up after logging into xfce?

lsustd1: #gentoo might have a solution

BluesKaj: it’s a repo

Ok guys I need help with gnome-shell anyone out there?

lsustd1, you can get help from ##linux as well


BluesKaj: try to understand what you are actually trying to do

BluesKaj: it may be better to use your package managment tools such as apt

ikonia, ok, thx…I’ll try

BluesKaj: rather than writing one on your own

does anyone know how to start jack with pulseaudio?

true, it’s a repo problem, the servers are sluggish

BluesKaj: correct, and it’s a repo problem, use the right tools to fix it

mario__, how long ago did you install the setup you have now.

BluesKaj: if you try to use what you feel may be best, it’s just adding software, and creating a massive hole in the security of your system

urlin2u, install was yesterday. I had no problems with audio since I installed ubuntu 12.10

BluesKaj: it’s not difficult to use the package manager, and get a distro based on ubuntu with the tools to manage your system

urlin2u, upgraded from 12.04

I can’t find a good working solution to set an automatic proxy in 10.04, any tips?

krababbel: you don’t need to

mario__, you have to run alsamixer in the terminal to access the sound settings.

krababbel: it’s not set in













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