X-Factor multi vitamins

Let’s talk about theThis super-charged multi-vitamin X- Factor Plus!! It’s high in B12, loaded with great hair and nail vitamins, has helped so many with iron levels, PLUS has aloe in it, which helps your body absorb nutrition by up to 300% more!! Not only that, but we can make claims about this multivitamin helping with HOT FLASHES!! What even IS this amazingness?! It’s not “just another multivitamin”. It’s a powerhouse, and you want to find out why!!


The XFactor Plus in a nutshell:

-Reduces physical symptoms of menopause!!!! What the What?!?!?!

-Helps with night vision

-Helps with hair, skin and nails

-Boosts energy and metabolism 

-Promotes mental clarity

-no gluten

-no yeast

-no GMOs


The creator of the X Factor feels that it is the best product he has ever developed. The patented aloe blend found in the X Factor is over 30 years in the making. It utilizes BOTH the whole leaf AND the gel—no other product on the market has a more powerful formula.


Aloe applied topically promotes 121% faster healing than the body does on its own. When taken internally, aloe finds the “zip code” of what needs to be fixed in the body & addresses it. You must have QUALITY aloe (and lots of it) in order for it to be effective.


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