WoW Token for Burning Crusade Classic spotted: Asmongold lashes out at Blizzard

OTK founding member Asmongold has lashed out at Blizzard following a leak suggesting the WoW Token might be heading to Burning Crusade Classic.

With World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic out now, someone has spotted the infamous WoW Token, which has led to concerns from several players, including One True King (OTK) founding member Asmongold. To be clear, the WoW Token is currently not active in Burning Crusade Classic but a leak does point towards the possibility of the item being added at a later stage.

Before we get started, the WoW Token can be purchased for real money (giving game time when used). It can also be sold no the Auction House for gold, basically adding a pay-to-win element to the game if you consider having a lot of gold and its uses “winning”.

WoW content creator and dataminer, MrGM, recently took to Twitter to reveal that he has spotted the WoW Token on the shop with a Burning Crusade colour theme, which could indicate the item could release for Burning Crusade classic.

Thankfully, so far, players are not able to purchase the WoW Token for TBC Classic in Europe or NA. However, there is a page up for the token which gives an error when trying to purchase.

MrGM explains: “Not sure how long it’s been there but it looks like the WoW Token for TBCC is on the EU/NA Blizzard Store. Luckily it throws up an error when purchasing, so my assumption is that this is a mistake. Don’t panic!”

It is important to note that the Chinese version does have the WoW Token, so the EU and NA pages couldn’t have been created in error. 

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