Wotlk PvP Class Picking Guide Wrath of the Lich King Classic Arena

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“The Ultimate” WOTLK Classic Arena Class Selection Guide — WOTLK News


What is going on DOS This is earplugs and in this video I’m going to be doing the class selection guide for the wrath of Lich King arena.


I will discuss the play styles of every class as well as how it works and why you might want to play in the class, and the reasons why you shouldn’t. I will also explain the steps you can take to ensure that the class is successful. So without further delay and let’s get to it. Warriors are up first and we’ll start with the arm specialization. This is a class that has an extremely high level of damage, paired with extremely good mobility, and of course the well-known Mortal Strike.


The meat and potatoes of this class is making use of your speed and mobility to exert pressure on targets, while never letting that pressure go eventually land and chill buy WoTLK Gold. A great example of this would be to intercept their healer in their work and then rushing back to the chill target when your team has no interruptions for the healer.

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