The Little Box Boutique – aka – Dawn Affirmation Boxes.

21.5cm x 16.5cm – Wooden Box Storage – WARRIORS. Original ART W0RK.

Wooden Box. 6 Removable dividers. Design by Livz**** ON SALE ****

Unique chakra wooden box design with original artwork in bright vibrant colours featuring 5 African Chakra Female Warriors sitting within a rainbow arch scattered with leaves and flowers.

The box is finished with a coat of gloss varnish and has a matching glass pendant weigh as a closure.

This beautiful black and chakra coloured wooden box is ideal for storage of loads of thing.

Many people use them for jewellery, bits and bobs, crystals, stones & precious gems, beads, healing stones and any item that one deems to be precious.

Inside is natural wood with 6 removable storage compartments lined with black card.

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