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I hope this makes sense to someone.


You have a single loop with no way to continue or break.
while True:

It will only run until it reaches the next break, or until the loop reaches the end of its sequence.
EDIT: (Unanswered question)
Why is it picking up “cracks” in the woods?
Firstly, the while loop is checking the condition every loop, so it doesn’t matter that the code is overkill as long as it’s looping a sufficient amount of times to get past all the tests.
Second, a wildcard in a path is essentially the same as a random number. It should not be in a loop, the loop will catch it and stop iterating.
You can use os.walk() to iterate through a path. This will not stop at ‘cracks’ in the woods.


Using git to see how a library’s dependencies were resolved

Is there a way I can use git to see how a library’s dependencies were resolved?
For example, I’d like to use git to see how libevent 2.0 was resolved in my local installation of git.
More specifically, I’d like to see the following:

Every commit that contains the diff, resolving whatever version of libevent it did.
The resolved version of libevent, if applicable.


The short answer is no, since those versions aren’t stored in the commit logs.
An alternative approach is to use git-bisect. You can use git bisect to create a graph of commits that span a range of versions of libevent 2.0. The commits are sorted from least to greatest, so you’d do:
git bisect start
git bisect run v2.0.1

I.e., you tell it to start with the version of libevent that’s specified as the starting point, and it will start at the lowest commit and show you whether any of the commits it finds are good or bad. The result is a list of commits, in the order they were found, where the good ones are in the top half and the bad ones are in the bottom half. If there are no good commits, then the next commits on the graph are all bad.
In this case, it’d look like:














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