What are they created of?They look very great.

I’d genuinely Animal Crossing New Horizons Items buy one of these (or make one lol) as a flower crown. Absolutely fabulous.If I had not used my last award earlier I might have 100% gave it for you….This is completely amazing!What are they created of?They look very great. Please continue to have fun in this a creative way!How did you get the purple hyacinth flower? I have cross bread every additional blossom out there but haven’t gotten a purple hyacinth however and I want one so badly.”Space Buns”: The Animal Crossing player’s hairstyle led to doxxing, death threats and devastationith 3H: it is really weird about that which characters are bi. Catherine and Shamir are fairly clearly a few, but both are only straight options for the participant. Petra and Dorothea’s end is pretty clearly amorous, yet only Dorothea is really bi so far as the player is concerned. And Claude isn’t into dudes, making no sense, because if you asked me before I finished the game which personality is bisexual, he would be my first suspect.Dorothea’s into quite a few female characters though according to her supports together, even though most of them do not lead anywhere.In games, like in life, there are occasionally people who simply aren’t into you, especially, and that’s alright.It is not that Petra can’t date the player – everyone who isn’t married is available for directly players. Petra can only ONLY date the male Main Character even though she is capable of liking girls.For men and women who aren’t familiar with 3H, this logic is extra power stupid bc you wouldn’t know one of these things about the characters when you pick your route basically in the very beginning of the game before you really get to know some of the characters. Siding with Edelgard at the very start of the game locks you from being able to love Dimitri and vice versa. So if you are playing blind, don’t know what antique furniture animal crossing new horizons is going to occur, and select one at random… sorry, but ur a homophobe/ableist piece of shit

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