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The game has a great potential to have an online multiplayer mode. The 2D platformer genre is getting stale so I think that this game will be an interesting alternative.


Some preliminary versions of the game’s level designs were made available as part of the public gameplay demo, demonstrating the game’s character design, level design, and combat system. The official website for the game showed an artbook. The game’s website provides a demo for Windows, Xbox 360, and Wii versions, but no information is provided on a version for PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS. The demo has been removed from the official website and the current website does not provide any information regarding the status of the game.


After the game’s release, Night Dive Studios announced a sequel, titled King of Cards.


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In this simple example, we will use AppleScript to automate the creation of a simple Xcode project.

The AppleScript is very simple and the code is right below.

tell application “Xcode” — Open a new project

tell application “Xcode” activate

open file “/Users/marco/Desktop/NewXcodeProject.xcodeproj”

end tell

You’ll notice that if you execute the above code, Xcode opens the NewXcodeProject.xcodeproj file and then immediately closes it. So, we haven’t written the code to actually execute the Xcode project, we simply told it to open the project and then tell it to close.

We can change the AppleScript to now create a new Xcode project by using a more advanced technique. We will first open a Finder window to navigate to our desktop. Next, we will ask the Finder to select our Desktop directory. We will do this by using the ‘open folder’ action in the Finder.

The following AppleScript should work but the only reason we couldn’t get it to work was because when you navigate to the Xcode project with the Finder, it













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