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The best-selling torrent and p2p software BitTorrent and eDonkey are also well known for having robust add-ons in their software which allow users to download MP3 files.


The best-known P2P software for transferring and sharing content is Gnutella, which connects to a directory of computers that host the content of interest, through the use of BitTorrent. Gnutella was for many years the dominant peer-to-peer software, and its popularity has persisted. Its community was heavily intertwined with that of the BitTorrent project. Gnutella’s user interface was influenced by the BitTorrent website and search engine, and many applications use similar layouts.

In the early 2000s, Gnutella was in the vanguard of peer-to-peer file sharing, as the ability to search for files was not yet available. Furthermore, the centralized search engines of the day, such as Google and Yahoo!, were not suitable for distributed searching. Gnutella was seen as one of the few peer-to-peer applications that could not be snooped upon by ISPs, who relied upon central search engines.

In 2006, Gnutella’s popularity was weakened by the creation of alternative peer-to-peer protocols, including BitTorrent and eDonkey. Unlike the original BitTorrent client, which uses TCP connections, the newer protocols use UDP connections, where traffic between peers is not monitored.

P2P webcams

Most video streamer programs use P2P networking, such as Gnutella, to broadcast video on the web. This is especially useful for webcams which can be difficult to find a direct connection with. Most internet protocols do not allow broadcasting the webcam, or allow broadcasting of the audio and video but not the webcam.


The BitTorrent protocol is widely used for file sharing. It is primarily used for downloading and distributing large files or groups of files. File sharing may be free, open-source or proprietary.

BitTorrent uses peer-to-peer networking and works on top of an already established file-sharing protocol, BitTorrent, which is distributed as source code, so anyone can contribute changes to the protocol and to its applications. In 2004, BitTorrent was introduced to the public by Bram Cohen and was released under an open-source license.

BitTorrent’s DHT protocol allows it to automatically connect peers when needed. With thousands of copies of













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