There is no need to raise the money

Smithing. Dragon is an obvious reason. Jagex suggests that Dragon Ore might be released. The Q&A in which they were asked questions about the issue didn’t give an exact answer, however they did say that the protectors may not be pleased. It was likely to be an ode to the Dragonkin. But I’m not on topic. Dragon materials are currently extremely scarce. Why? It’s not because my Dragon is weak.It is not used except for certain weapons or the boots. This is because Jagex has been so slow to release all of their products (and do they ever release it all?) ) newer armors have come out like Barrows and we now have Bandos gear that doesn’t degrade. The cost would be less if Dragon could be made smithable, which would make it more popular.At first, I thought that it was sufficient. The entire range of armor for Ranging is nice and we don’t need any new D’hide stuff. But then I realized what was missing: Magic. Crafting is a technique that can be utilized by Dungeoneering, Stealing Creation, and Stealing Creation to make Magic Robes. At the moment, we cannot craft Battlestaves. And Magic certainly could benefit from new armor.To incorporate Magic in the Combat Triangle, we would need to add some actual defense against melee that is currently lacking. Arcane Spirit Shield, the only item that provides protection in Magic Armor, is it. There are other Magic Armor pieces like Ahrim’s robes and Lunar armor, Splitbark, Skeletal, that offer defense, but they are not my favorite. The robes don’t just comprise the base Mage armor. It’s magical the robes.A mage could surely alter his clothing to stop melee attacks. Bind spells are able to stop the person from moving. It can also prevent their weapon from cutting them. If crafting was extended to higher levels, possibly at higher level, you could make special Mage costumes and then enchant them with Runecrafting, Magic, or both.Jagex can’t add anything to increase the amount to 120. However, at the moment it’s fully loaded. There are a few things you can unlock in 90s.I’m pretty sure this won’t be raised, since Extreme Potions are true to their names, and we don’t need any more powerful. If they choose to add a Saradomin Elixir (Saradomin Brew + something else, which heals better than Saradomin Brew and does not reduce stats), they have the option of adding it.There is no need to raise the money because there’s nothing else to make up the difference. Oh my! Jagex is worthy of my forgiveness and I might be able to be impressed by his efforts to raise Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning from 120 to include new content. However the melee option is enough and if they wish to raise Magic or Range as well, they’ll require melee. What do you think? Will Jagex increase the limit on other skills? Should they?

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