The Wedding Dress 🔥

As a little girl I’ve always had this idea of what my wedding dress would look like. It would be show stopping , maybe fluffy or maybe. A lot of glitz, but I want to be chill (light icy but also 1017 if you know what I mean) & over time it changed I wanted less flashy & something more simple 🤣😩 . Seriously though I had this all planned out in my head it would be designed by Morilee or maybe even Kitty Chen these or names I learned from working at a bridal shop overtime (a job I enjoyed wayy too little for my love of weddings). 


Fast forward to today me and my bf are at the table & I flash him a picture of what my ideal dress would be and he stated have you ever thought of looking at different black designers (which he knows me so that put me on a hunt 😎) 


I searched google of course “black wedding dress designers” & NOT to my surprise, because I’m well aware of our magic, I WAS BLOWN AWAY ✨💐 💐✨


The four ladies displayed above or only a few amongst other great black wedding dress designers. Each designer above can also be found at the website I provided as the source ! I can’t wait to shop black for my big day 😌

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