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This type of . . . would be unusual, and we would only accept it if the lab had done a very large, carefully controlled experiment showing that this was the only possible explanation. If that sort of experiment had been done, we would have no trouble accepting the hypothesis, even though it wasn’t possible to tell that it was the only possible explanation for the data.”

(quote from p.145 in John R. Briggs, The terrier: Darwin and the man who loved dogs, 1944).

Richard Dawkins also notes that the evidence for evolution of just the . . . in dogs is very shaky (quote from p.123 in The Ancestor’s Tale, p.123 in The Ancestor’s Tale).

So how does Science know that dogs are just breeding dogs? As far as I know, there hasn’t been a single study that shows that. Yet dog owners know dogs are different and, based on that knowledge, we agree with the breeding dogs hypothesis. Just like knowing that the ancestors of horses are known to be from the Asian continent, but this hypothesis is just not tested or proven, we might also agree with the breeding dogs hypothesis.

In my opinion, this is the biggest mystery in science today. Why is this not tested more, and why is there not more proof that breeding dogs, yes, breeding dogs, is the only possible explanation? Instead, we see people who claim to be dog lovers and pet lovers, who claim to have knowledge, making assumptions that are simply not valid.

As a result, the more I study dogs, the more I study Evolution, the more I think dogs are far more evolved than some humans think.

Genomic screening of the ERCC6 gene in hereditary colorectal cancers.

The ERCC6 gene is mutated in hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. The main objective of this study was to assess its clinical and genetic status in a series of sporadic and hereditary colorectal tumors. The ERCC6 gene was screened in 96 colorectal cancers. Polymorphisms were screened by TaqMan genotyping assay. The ERCC6 gene was found mutated in 2.1% of sporadic and 28% of hereditary tumors. There was no association between the ERCC6 mutation status and the main clinicopathological features, such as Dukes’ stage, histological type,













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