The Ovambo people (sometimes known as Ambo, Ovawambk, Ngandjera or Mbalantu) are native to Southern Africa, mainly in Namibia and Southern Angola. The women wear a number of distinctive hairstyles. I have discussed the iipando hairstyle in a previous post. However this hairstyle for which I have not found the name, consists of a saggital crest of hair in the centre of the head with the hair overlying the temples braided in such a way as to create symmetrical disc-like structures framing the face. Ovambo women historically decorated their hair with beads which were decorative but also served a dual purpose as protective talismans. The beads were often made from ivory, ostrich egg shell or seeds. . . If you enjoy my posts please consider making a small donation using the ko-fi link in my bio . . #namibia #angola #africanfashion #afrohair #blackhistory #blackisbeautiful #blackgirlmagic

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