The first thing you do in an MMO is create a character

Star Wars: Do you want to play the Old Republic MMO? Of course it is! But how do you succeed in the game and outperform other players? Star Wars: What are the secrets and secrets of the Old Republic? Will you have an advantage over the enemies you encounter? What character should I play with swtor credits? Does running make a difference to your final stats? How do you get together and work as a team? Who, when and why? Star Wars: The Old Republic You can answer these and many other questions by starting a series of guides to the game. Start with the basics and work your way up to more advanced Star Wars: The Old Republic techniques, skills, and tricks. Everyone has to start somewhere. Without a solid MMO foundation and gaming knowledge, you cannot succeed as a quality, well-rounded gamer. It may be a review for experienced players, but we hope it will help everyone from beginners to those who have visited the area several times.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Puts RPGs Into MMORPGsbounty-hunter-003 Everyone knows Star Wars, and most gamers need to know about BioWare. Star Wars is a huge phenomenon spanning generations in many countries. BioWare can be considered one of the best game developers ever. Combining these two behemoths into one MMO will give you Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is sure to be the next blockbuster.

For those who know about BioWare games, it’s no wonder that the games are heavy and role-playing. Role play presupposes the identity of a fictional character. Your decisions and actions are based on what a fictional character does, not what you as the player do.

Let’s talk about this first. The first thing you do in an MMO is create a character, you don’t need to have a detailed idea of ​​who is playing what, but think about your comfort level and what direction you want your character to face. . You want to be happy with your character and feel like you can play it well. Whether you like it or not, you play your character and your actions influence the story as the story unfolds.

This game is not your standard “talk to a tailor and collect 20 bear skins” kind of game. We will talk more about the differences between this game and its predecessor later.

Star Wars: Your Character in the Old RepublicNow it’s time to create your character. Before you begin, you need to understand what you want to create. I will explain the basics.

light side vs dark sidecodex-003 Do you want to play a good character in general or a bad character in general? In other MMOs, this decision is based on the desire to access a particular class. Star Wars: In the Old Republic, both good and bad characters are roughly the same class. Therefore, you do not have to consider it.

Do you want to be good or bad? This is really a choice. If you choose to play an evil character, you will be sent on a moral and evil mission to test your worthlessness. If you play a good character, you will carry out a good mission to thwart the evil designs. Both sides have good and bad options and will get faction points, but you have to choose the one you like the most. Choose the other side to make it natural and you will find conversations and role plays from Sometimes a little awkward and weird. You can be a Jedi Knight who chooses all the dark side options, but it’s a bit weird and unnatural and you don’t really enjoy the game. So choose the one that best suits your character and adjust it as you develop the story.


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