The Broncos are currently in the middle of an ownership change

Then we’ve got over two years’ worth of gossip about Rodgers moving to Denver after which the team hires one his favorite football people to head the team Mut 23 Coins. To complete the picture we get this seemingly innocent announcement that was made two weeks ago. the Broncos had a meeting with Luke Getsy, the Packers pass game coordinator.


Naturally, a number of teams would take a look at the Packers and at the very least make a move on their coaches due to their recent record of success. It’s possible that this could appear to be a coincidence however, it’s also a string of events that lend this story credence. The question is whether this makes sense for anyone? This is where the situation gets more complex.


The Broncos are currently in the middle of an ownership change, the new owner of the team likely to be announced anytime as of right now. The team said it would announce changes to the ownership structure after the appointment of a new head coach. That means it could happen as soon as today.


We know new owners like making splashes in order to impress themselves to the community. There are two possible names for sale include Robert F. Smith, a private equity CEO from Denver, and a rumored ownership group with John Elway. There would be a huge amount of good will brought to the team if the Broncos have the chance to repeat their recent run featuring Peyton Manning and win another Super Bowl with an aging quarterback — and to that end Rodgers is the perfect candidate.


For the Packers the main concern is of receiving something in exchange for their quarterback of choice. Green Bay already has Jordan Love waiting for them, presumably who they think will succeed when Rodgers is done, and there’s been considerable friction among Rodgers as well as the Packers over the last several years Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins. If Green Bay has an inkling that their options are to sell Rodgers for the Broncos or watch Rodgers retire The choice is simple.

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