The Babydust Method: A Guide To Conceiving A Girl Or A Boy Books Pdf File

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The Babydust Method: A Guide To Conceiving A Girl Or A Boy Books Pdf File


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Oct 14, 2015
A highly controversial new sex selection technique: THE BABYDUST METHOD

This is the only book that discloses, in detail, the revolutionary new sex selection technique known as THE BABYDUST METHOD.The Babydust Method provides the facts on pregnancy and birth, the health risks and hazards of all the common tests and scans used to check whether you are carrying a baby boy or baby girl. While The Babydust Method has been investigated and used in many clinics around the world, none of them have previously been willing to write about it.

The Babydust Method is an original revolutionary method that has been used in clinics around the world. The Babydust Method is based on a simple 5 step process of using baby dust to determine the sex of your baby. It has never been reported in any medical journal and is the only technique that has been in use for at least 12 years with no adverse effects.

The Babydust Method works by placing a very tiny amount of baby dust in your vagina. This dust, although it can be seen with a microscope, only exists in about 2% of the cell population in the body. In the first few days of pregnancy, a fraction of these cells will begin to grow at a rate of about 5 times per day.

These cells are called primordial germ cells and are the same cells that eventually develop into the egg and sperm that will combine to form a baby. When these cells grow and divide, they increase in size. The increase in cell size is used to determine the sex of your baby.

As the first cells grow and divide, they are marked and labelled with a chemical called paternally inherited. Thus at 5 days gestation, all cells that are paternally inherited will have a 5-day age. If you look at your belly at 5 days, the oldest cells will be the first to show. Therefore, they will be male.

If a girl has 2 or more of these cells, then she has the potential to be pregnant, since these cells form the egg. If you have only one, then you have the potential to be pregnant, but the pregnancy will end in a miscarriage.

If you have no cell growth at 5 days and beyond, then the chances of you being pregnant are remote. This is why The Babydust Method works, because it will determine the sex of your baby without the need for any scans or tests.

The Babydust Method was developed by Dr










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