That one time I got the password !!

Yes, Ladies I’m sorry, but I’ve done it . ! I’ve been that girl.  Some of you might judge and others will feel me , but let’s get to it. Soo me and my boyfriend at the time decided we wanted to start trusting each other more so we exchanged passwords. Life seemed to be going pretty good; cool little relationship and then came the phone. One day he left the phone sitting right in front of me and I’m like ehhhh one little look won’t hurt. Lmfaoooo y’all I was damn near on the floor dead by the time he got back. Shortage of breath and chest pains (I’m DYING) . . .Lordddd somebody call the ambulance lol. I was beyond devastated , like my heart moved to my lower belly and just sat there. I called my friend (who I won’t name) crying asking for a ride to the water. I just wanted to see the water y’all (“I need better thoughts , I need better vibes -drake”). I’ll never blink at another man’s phone. Til this day I can still say that was one of my most hurt moments.  Moral of the story: Don’t Be that Girl ! DON’T GO THROUGH THE PHONE. It just does not turn out well   

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