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If we can’t show the difference, than the release of 16.1 is surely one of the biggest issues for us.

The following are the changes in 16.1:

* Where is the Workbook / Excel Data table can be handled.

* We get a small improvement in the data sets when no post script is present.

These two improvements are surely welcome for us, but the changes are more of a sideways implementation.

Though, these may improve our PS 16.1, may be we would have to wait till the next version of PS.

For the 16.1 we have decided to avoid the external path option, so that this issue will not happen again. The issue is not PS related, it is the SDK related., short money) is a sexy seductress (Angela Bennett, TV

wife of Alex O’Loughlin). She gets dumped by her fiance (Don Rupurt),

but doesn’t take it too seriously. She’s got some of the best chemistry

with Alex in the movie and I liked seeing her back onscreen.

The plot

pits Alex, who’s been sober for a month, against his mother (Audrey

Huntley) who has been drinking. He wants to put her in rehab, but she

wants to go to the Keys to get away. It’s like a horror flick meets

a comedy where a mother deals with alcoholism. Alex has his own

problems – he doesn’t want to go to rehab again because he wants to

be there for Angela.

I liked the

southern accents of Audience members. As the movie progresses, a

couple of lines were spoken in a southern dialect that reminded me of

Huckleberry Hound. Maybe it was the actor’s attempt to be funny.

The movie is

unintentional comedy. It has some great scenes, including the mother

in the bathroom and it’s ending, and I give all the credit to the

cast. The moments of drama are missed. It’s mostly a comedy with some

relatively predictable situations. I like the cast’s chemistry, though,

and the writing is pretty good.

The title refers

to the Florida Keys, and whether or not Alex drinks or takes drugs,

I’m not sure. On the island, he gets into a bar fight and steals a

drink from a man named O’Donnell (played













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