Swords Souls: Neverseen PC Game Free Download blanreyg

Download ✔✔✔ https://urluss.com/2k1duq


Swords Souls: Neverseen PC Game Free Download


Download ✔✔✔ https://urluss.com/2k1duq


The Neverseen is a new fantasy world with its own unique magic. Fight monsters and other players on the online multiplayer servers to gain experience and loot.

Game Features:

• Fight for the freedom of the world

• A vast online world filled with locations, items, monsters and more!

• Find new ways to fight using your skills and build your own equipment

• Simple, yet effective interface and controls

• Enjoy thousands of hours of content

• Huge online world in an entirely new, unique setting

• Play with your friends for free!


• The game features 10 different classes and 2 classes with 3 skills each, the Soldier, the Wizard and the Mage.

• Beginner class with levels 1-10:

With this class you will be able to use several types of weapons, some ranged weapons and melee weapons.

• Wizard class:

Can cast various spells and reach higher levels than the Soldier class. Also has good skills in magic and ranged weaponry.

• Mage class:

Spells and ranged attacks.

• Use Runes to unlock new skills or to evolve skills for more damage.

• Gems are items that you will use to evolve your skills or to enhance your equipment, for example, to increase the attack speed of your weapon.

• Experience Points:

You gain experience points by fighting monsters, completing quests and acquiring items. With each level you gain you will be able to use new skills and equip your equipment better.

• Character creation:

You can create your own avatar of your liking and enjoy!

• Multiplayer:

Play against your friends and other players online.

• Achievements:

• Game modes:

Story mode: You can choose whether to play as a Wizard or Soldier.

• Mission mode:

In this game mode you fight through several worlds, defeating monsters as you go.

• vs. mode:

You are placed against other players on the online world and you need to defeat them to win the battle.

• Versus tournament:

The leaderboard shows your performance against other players.

In addition, the leaderboard is used to allow you to rank other players.

• Team or solo:

You play in team or against other players.

In team play you can play as Wizard, Mage or Soldier.

In solo you only have access to a Wizard or Soldier class.

• Tower of Doom:

Complete this mode and you can rank up from the leaderboard.

• Tower of













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