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Once the build is complete, press the S key to move the assembly into position, select the unit (engineer, factory) and press Enter to drop that unit in place. When the final assembly has been performed, exit Build mode with the B key.


World builder specifications differ from each game; they may be a simple as a certain number of blocks or a complex array of numerous parameters. Some developers go beyond the basic interface to further increase the power and flexibility of the game. These extensions can be as simple as allowing multiple assemblies per building or as complex as adding a role to allow for the creation of an entire economy.

For example, the official Far Cry 2 world builder and the Glorious Modding website support quite a few extensions to help a modder easily create and edit the content of a world.



There is a variety of units available to build things with, including heavy armored vehicles, tanks, large transport trucks, and infantry. Each unit has unique abilities, such as the mortar units having a 360 degree mortar blast. Units also have unique building requirements. Some of the units in the game require three blocks of an assembly while some of the units require two blocks to build.


Assemblies can be used to create almost any structure in the game. The end product is also dependent upon the properties of the assemblies the player chooses to use. This includes slopes, tight turns, and sloping paths.

Assemblies are built in a different way than units. Each assembly is made up of an array of pre-built units. Once the assembly is built, the player can either place it in the game or edit the array of units.


Some of the units have ammunition which can be loaded in to the unit. The ammunition is then used as the primary weapon. Each weapon has a different number of shots and firing rate. All weapons are reloaded manually by the player, either by the player selecting a building or by the player pressing the R key while standing next to the unit.


The production of an assembly is controlled by the player. Building a production building requires the player to place units of each assembly in an array next to the building. This array can be edited by the player and can be placed anywhere in the world that is not an obstacle. If the player builds an assembly that already has an array of units, the units will be removed from the













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