Soundtheory Gullfoss V1.4.0 X64 VST, VST3, AAX miekagg

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Soundtheory Gullfoss V1.4.0 X64 VST, VST3, AAX


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– now available with a true-bypass version (vst-gullfoss-v1.0.0.0)

– only for 2.4+


– VST3+VST2/VST-automation

* why do we need this?

– because VST2/VST3 do not allow use of additional inputs

(i.e. AU, GUI) without significant workarounds

* how does it work?

– initialize the generic VST3 graph with new nodes and instances

(directly from FX, or potentially through a plugin that does that)

– using ‘nodes’ and ‘instances’ as generics avoids null pointers,

avoids re-allocating memory every time, and allows reuse later

– a bad example is that in VST3, you can initialize the host graph

with ‘node’ generics, which are then ‘traced’ by e.g. a processor

to perform some action.

– if you initialize with ‘instances’ then the pointer is already

valid, and the ‘instances’ are assumed to be fully populated

on startup – this avoids the extra heap allocations, but the

graph is less usable later

– using ‘node’ and ‘instance’ as generics should make it easier to reuse

the graph

– for example, let’s say you have a graph that uses a single GPU

to do pixel-level compositing, and this graph works for e.g.


– now you want to have the same VST graph but with a different host

that does colour correction

– the code here is trivial, but:

– you













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