SOM will experience similar fate to classical

Vanilla/classic WoW is a good opportunity to WOW TBC Gold reinvent WoW and carry on its tradition. They might decide to make an OSRS departure so that players can anticipate future content patches. It’s really disappointing to see Blizzard doing so little for the classic WoW. We don’t get the same amount of attention as our retail customers. I’m just very disappointed.Blizzard legitimately is no longer. It’s a shell of Activision, Bobby Kotick money taking advantage of every chance. Don’t anticipate anything groundbreaking to be released, the traditional + isn’t going to happen because it will take money and creativity to come up with. Have fun with TBC, Wrath, and possibly a SOM later. Then quit. The situation won’t improve and there’ll never be any new things to say.It is difficult to relax when you look at the state of the game. I could only imagine the wrath of God. It’s only a matter until blizzard announces that we can buy gold directly at them because it’s more secure and people are looking for it. I’m adamant about everything they’ve done with this game. Retail and the classic. It’s impossible to erase my childhood memories of the game, however they won’t be able to take that away.Yes, in an ideal world, blizzard will clamp down on the third party selling websites and ban any player using these platforms. It would also make sure that they do not include their own currency for cash as they do in retail, which they’ll surely do. Character boost is also a problem for the economy. While it’s not beneficial for any profession, it can give players everything they require. It is evident by the botting issues however, it does not boost any professions. What will you do?It’s not because they cannot afford it. It’s just a question of why we should purchase a subscription for content which will not exactly like the experience we had when we played it, when they are planning to play it half-heartedly and then request more money. It’s turned into a straight cash grab with more spoon feeding and handholding.SOM will experience similar fate to classical due to the insignificant change. Their “first step” isn’t good enough. There are plenty of simple changes that require only a few minutes to implement, but could result in significant changes, creating an experience that is unique. The simply answer is blizzard doesn’t have ambition cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold anymore. Therefore, the OP post of dissatisfaction is made.

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