Solips – A man of a young age is awoken

They discovered that Athens, Delphi and Sparta are good places to start their research. I created mini-games for these three locations, Sparta with Olympic games and Delphi with riddles ,…. I was also thinking that I could add some play to Athens in order to let them engage in some manner.Inspired by the opera-themed encounter in WoW, tbc (where one has the option of defeating either Romeo+Juliet , the wizard of Oz characters or the little red riding Hood) I decided to make this an encounter design or idea. My wife had already suggested “Amletos, prince of Thrace’ as a take of Hamlet, though i haven’t come up with mechanics that can represent this.It’s true that I don’t go to much, but… I might venture off the beaten track and check out some classic films. I will probably write poor summaries and be horribly inept since I haven’t seen them for a while. These summaries are likely to provide you with some idea of what you could make changes if you choose to use them.Heracles A man of a young age has been blessed by Hera with a powerful power. The man isn’t able to keep it in check and now many divinities and friends are trying to stop him. The true Heracles is finally defeated and puts the man back in his rightful place. Based on Akira.Afarpazo (someone who is actually knowledgeable of Greek Help me out, you could attempt “A Far Place” in case that’s not enough) A family of young people come on a location where the staff of Dionisus have a sort of sanctuary for gods and nature spirits. In a strange incident, his parents vanish. However, a caring Naiad assists him in saving his family. Based on Spirited Away.Sophus – As some thieves prepare to steal much of the treasure of the king, a man is spotted in the town and stops them. After a few scheming He defeats the leader as well as an ally and is awarded a bounty. Based on SabataSolips – A man of a young age is awoken to a world controlled by clockwork entities that are using people for… something, I can’t think of an explanation. Based on The Matrix

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