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for JRiver or a DAW.

The . material is based on our usual, high-quality . material from the TRUTH . family. The . speakers use two . woofers and a . tweeter in a bi-directional speaker configuration. The loudspeaker cones are made of . paper and the . driver cabinet is made of MDF. The . speakers have a rugged build and are designed for long life and excellent sound quality.

The . comes in two versions: the TSAR-1 in a 1-way version, and the TSAR-2, in a bi-directional version. If you need . sound in a stereo setup, get the . version.

Key Features

Versatile . sound

The . is a bi-directional model, offering flexibility and great versatility. Whether it’s . in JRiver or a DAW, it gives you the ability to get the best . sound quality. The TSAR-1 . speakers have an output of 2x . and can be used in a stereo system or as stand-alone.

True stereo with a subwoofer

For stereo music, get the TSAR-1 . speakers. The . woofers have a built-in subwoofer for true stereo effects, and a . tweeter for your monitor. The . speaker is designed to deliver true stereo.

Sturdy construction

The . speaker is made of thick, durable . plywood. The cabinet is made of MDF and is equipped with a rugged metal frame.

A . pair of speaker cones

The . cone is made of . paper and includes a metal mesh surround. The . driver is a dynamic diaphragm, and is mounted in a . long-throw driver cabinet.

Sound and application details

True stereo . with a subwoofer

The . speaker is bi-directional, meaning that it can be used in a stereo or mono setup. When used in a stereo setup, it gives you the ability to get the best possible sound with the TSAR-1 . speaker. The . is equipped with a subwoofer, making the TSAR-1 . an ideal companion for any . device.

The TSAR-1 . stereo speaker is a bi-direction













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