SO SAD๐Ÿฅบfly high makiyah

there are so many things wrong with this situation. yet another black person has lost the life in the hands of law enforcement and the shit is so sad. whats also sas is that fact there were mad adults there, and no one decided to deescalate the situation BEFORE the cops arrived. this is just so disheartening and i’m rlly trying to restore my faith in humanity but damn yall are really making it hard! the cop wasnt even at the scene long enough to feel out the situation, and, the level of comfortability in grabbing your gun before anything else is theย #1ย problem, and the comfortability of only doing it to black and brown people is a whole nother issue in itself ! when you signed up to be a cop you also signed up to risk your life, not to take other peoples. now we need to be realistic and understand we can’t abolish the police, and i truly feel bad for all the kind hearted people in law enforcement bc they aren’t all like this. but this shit has to stop! training is needed, responsibility NEEDS to happen, people need to be held accountable, but more than anything, we need to put the guns down. there have been over 3 mass shootings in the past 2 months! this is problem! and though guns and discrimination are theย #1ย reasons for this. its also important to know you have the RIGHT to protect yourself. pls be safe

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