Sezen Aksu Klasikleri Indir

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Sezen Aksu Klasikleri Indir


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Unreleased material

In 2012 a story about Sezen Aksu and his brother Mert started spreading on the internet, claiming that Sezen Aksu had allegedly released his unreleased debut album Tümül which was never finished and did not receive a single release.

A studio version of “Orospu”, a Turkish song that was originally written for the Finnish language lyrics, was leaked by a Bulgarian source.


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Stored procedure using cursors. Duplicate cursor?

I wrote a stored procedure that uses a cursor to loop through each record of a table. I then take that data, and insert it into another table. The cursor works fine. However, if I run the procedure two times in a row, it creates 2 cursors in the first column of the second table. Is there any way around this?

Here’s the code for the stored procedure:




CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[UpdateTable













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