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Aug 1, 2014
5 Amino acid sequence (514 amino acids,. SEQID NO: 1) of the SUT polypeptide encoded by the Lró7. (resistant) allele of wheat.
Dec 1, 2020
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Genetics and breeding

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SEQMEA (Genetics and Breeding)


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Saving to file without saving to memory in R

Is there any way to make R write to the disk without saving to the memory first?
I have some code where I use Rstudio, and I run it on my laptop so the memory limit is not an issue. It works fine with my Macbook, but it runs out of memory when I open the file in my Windows laptop and it start complaining that I’m running out of memory.
I’ve found this thread, and the advice to use c() doesn’t seem to be working.
r> c()
Error in if (exists(x)) stop(gettextf(“Memory limit (%d MB) exceeded”, :
argument is of length 0

Here’s a reproducible example of the problem:










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