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Santa Rita Da Cascia Film Completo Download Yahooinstmank


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?Anime New Stories YODA Plays An Old One Game With An Old Friend. In A Distant Time, There Lives A Hero. A Legend. A man. A Legend.

La persona, este ahora,

y yo te quiero ver a ti!nNote: This person is now,

and I want to see you!

Rachele -This one better stay with me.

Lester Baine -Don’t forget, his daughter is still at our house.nAlicia Baine -I know, dad.nDrake Baine -I promise I’ll take care of her.nDonald Baine -You promised.nCaroline Baine -I promise.nDale Baine -Then promise you won’t follow him.nDrake Baine -I promise.nDonald Baine -You promised.nDale Baine -I promise.nDonald Baine -That’s my boy.nDonald Baine -I love you.nDrake Baine -Mom, I love you.nRachele -Why are you always leaving me?

Last season, a man was running for his life.

Without pause, he fell down the stairs to the basement.

There, as he reached for a dying boy, a moment of hope arose.

While they played a game on an old TV, the boy began to laugh.

In that moment, the boy became the hero of that boy’s life.

The boy and the man would become friends.

This is a story about that man.

He goes by YODA.

He is ninety-nine years old.

He is a person who is always running.

He is a hero who is always fleeing.

He is a person who always takes flight.

This is his life.

This is his story.

This is his legend.

This is his legacy.

Welcome to the franchise.

This is the Season 1 ending.

-I am YODA.

I was born in March 1899, the same year as you.

I am a man of great age.

-In my time, there were people who were born before me.

People who were the first humans born on this planet.

They were the first to know anything about space.













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