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Reussir Delf A1 Pdf Download


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anyone here can help me with a small problem?

trism, yes but I dont want to reinstall ubuntu.. it should just be easy and quick to install

that was the answer i got

its like a guest session

as in you log in then you log off.. and you are logged into Ubuntu

!theme | m3kk: see the link from dang above

m3kk: see the link from dang above: Find your themes at: – – – – – – – Also see!changethemes and

m3kk: hmm then it doesn’t look like you can do it, you will have to log in first, log out, and then login again to get the guest session

zykotick9, thanks, where did you find that page?

m3kk: on launchpad it says:

m3kk: from a couple of months ago, dang is good for finding theme/icon/menu stuff

m3kk: it looks like you can go with the user switching method and reboot with the guest session

hi all, just installed an intel graphics on 12.04 (had to use nomodeset to get it working). Have two problems. I cant turn off the screensaver, it tries to do it and then kicks me back to the login. However it works fine if i disable it via the gui. Second problem is the unity dash shows up but wont load, only the icons on the left panel

trism, alright thanks

!plymouth | squig

squig: Plymouth is













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