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t’s actually not a problem but more of a bug.I think the game loads a report of your “loot” up to a certain point and saves them on disk. Now what happens if you clear that file from memory and reboot the game? A bug report should have been generated, but is instead your profile overwritten. As such, the system has to reconfirm your profile, which rereads your report and overwrites it again, which generates another report and overwrites it. This cycle continues. So a bug report should be generated and sent to

The same thing happens if you unlock any “variable” or “tournament” items and then decide to reboot the game. However, the bug report isn’t generated because the program sees that you have already unlocked those items.

It’s likely that this won’t happen too often, but since it is possible, I’d advise that you just wait until the issue gets fixed.

Credit goes to Ali for sending me the bug report and the explanation I used to fill in the rest of the post.

So yeah, it’s a bug. The game sometimes doesn’t report the bug report if it detects the bug before saving it. But yeah, you just have to be aware of it.

@razrangelI had never heard of that kind of a bug, I’m glad it was reported, lol, I’m sorry for the misguidance, that’s a good bug report. But one thing I should mention is that, if this is the case, it should happen randomly. So if you have no time to see it, I guess you just have to be patient, and after that you should see the bug report again… and again… and again… But it might not happen often.

Thanks for the clarification. No problem. I thought I’d have to go back and replay this game again after I posted that, and now I know.

@ShadowsPlaysPokemonGo had the same kind of bug. I think it happened to him once in the early days of the game, and it happened again, since he was trying to complete that special badge. But I’m not sure if that’s what happened to you. But it’s the same bug, since the game was rereading the report and just overwriting it and not processing the report at all.

I’m glad you were able to fix it quickly. I guess I’m just lucky then













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