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The assembly is open source and the Assembler can be compiled with Visual Studio Express. Just download and unzip the archive and run the executable.

Note: The application requires the VCS library for working properly. It can be downloaded from

The application is free for personal, non-commercial use.



Dump Assembler: .dumps

Dump Refractor Cracked Version: .refract

Note: Refractor Cracked Accounts first tries to read the assembly of interest from the resources folder, if it cannot find it, it looks in %appdata% for the application folder and, finally, if it cannot find it, it looks in the system folder (refer to TaskBar for this).

A. A simple project for testing

Open your Visual Studio 2010 Express, create a new C# project (File->New Project->Visual C#) and name it

Dump Assembler.exe.

Dump Refractor Crack For Windows.exe.

First go to the solution explorer and set the startup project to the new project (right click the project -> properties -> startup project)

Now open the Main Form.cs file and add this line of code in the OnFormLoad event:

Then run the application and you’ll have a window like this:

The left half of the window is the dump of the assembly using Dump Assembler.

The right half of the window is the call graph of the Main method of the assembly using Dump Refractor Crack Keygen.

Notice that in the second window, all the jumps are marked with lines in black and there are no actual jumps. This means that there are no jumps in the instructions corresponding to the main method and, consequently, there are no call sites for that method.

B. Some examples

1) Let’s look at the project:

It was compiled with the /AspDump flag, but it was not compiled with the /AspRefract flag.

Note: Refractor Crack Free Download always uses the definition of the assembly so there’s no need to explicitly add it to the project.

This is the default representation of the call graph:

The main method call graph is an inverted tree. There are no real jumps (see the second window in the previous example).

2) Now let’s look at the project:

The.exe file was not updated. The changes are:

The assembly was modified (there are now two assemblies and the Main method was added to the first assembly).

There is a new assembly, App.Dump.dll and a new file App.Refract.dll.

The modification of the file dllmod.js


Refractor Crack + Free 2022

– Refractor Download With Full Crack is a diagrammer specially designed for.Net Assemblies that also supports Javascript.
– The application is good for assembly dependencies, for showing the call graph in complex methods, for showing the jumps in IL, for getting an overview of where the complex parts of a system are.

– Open a document with the assembly
– Select
– Refractor Activation Code




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Full description

Refractor is a simple to use and straightforward tool that enables you to browse.NET assemblies. Besides browsing them, the application allows you to decompile to IL (Intermediate Language) and disassemble it to C# and Visual Basic languages. Also, with Refractor you can view XML contents and XAML scripts.
The tool displays a more than friendly interface which makes it very easy to use by just about anyone who posses the basic understanding of what a decompiler does. Using it you can browse the structure and code content of DLL and EXE files in a simple manner.
To extract the code all you need to do is open the DLL or EXE file with Refractor and wait a fraction of a second. That and a few clicks is all it takes for the application to deconstruct the file and display for you its entire structure. Everything is placed into a tree structure which allows you to instantly access and view the code for each component.
Refractor allows you to disassemble IL code into C# and Visual Basic languages that are supported by.NET. This way, you can take code with low level abstraction and convert it into something with a higher level of abstraction, making it easy to read by human minds.
The utility enables you to convert source code from VB to C# and vice-versa in a few, time saving steps. Moreover, Refractor can be used to analyze assembly and Windows DLL dependencies.
In closing, Refractor is a rather lightweight tool that can help you easily and quickly disassemble or reverse engineer and application.

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System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core i3-2330M / AMD Phenom II X2 5400
Hard Drive: 15GB
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 780 2GB (Found on the XB280H-TS3K)
AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB (Found on the XB280H-TS3K)
AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB (Found on the XB

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