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Recetas El Poder Del Metabolismo Por Frank Su


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Top 10 Weight Loss Foods and Their Benefits

You’ve heard a lot of people talking about the ingredients in their protein shakes and how they’re able to burn their belly fat and build lean muscle. You might even now be thinking about trying it out. Many people believe that the secret of the extra lean muscle is in the type of protein supplements that they take. It is indeed, when it comes to using a whey protein supplement versus a casein supplement. Both of these products have their advantages and disadvantages, and using both of them can be a benefit to your health and weight loss.
Whey Protein VS Casein Protein
Reasons to use Whey Protein:
– More Complete Amino Profile
– Higher Protein Content
– Easier To Digest
– More Versatile For Use
– Better For Building Muscle
Reasons to use casein protein:
– Casein protein is less easily digested and is a slower acting protein.
– Casein protein allows for better absorption of calcium and other minerals who are important for strong bones.
– Casein protein can be used as a base protein for those who are lactose intolerant.
– You can drink










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