Realflight 7 Dongle Emulator 19 [Updated]

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Realflight 7 Dongle Emulator 19


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Not too long ago we checked out a new project in the web of the dongle emulator, an android app that can emulate the dongle of realflights for all the african airplanes.

As a first review, we can say that the app shows all the planes of realflights, does not show the black/flashes that has announced in a social network, and the pilots are well kept, with the most recent name and photo available. The next point is that we have no alternative but download a 17,500 mb app to have the app all.

How to download the app?

The app is for iOS only, and you can download it only from the Apple store, but if you have an iphone, I think that you can find a nice video of an iphone showing that the app is available.

There are some exclusives for this app, for example, you can have the number of the aircraft, the pilots information, the training, and even you can create your own flights using the realflights airport code.

The app is free, but to use the live flights is a paid one. You can think that this is a nice way to have the app with the live info of realflights, but you can think that we should have another free app with the live feeds of realflights, without the name of the pilots, or not even an airport code (just an IATA code), and with an option of getting the pilots names with a payment of $2.

But we have the pre-paid option, so to think that we can have an app that have all the live feeds and without paying is a shame, or am I wrong?

The next interesting point of this new app is the form to send a message to realflights, a tutorial of that is available in a video of the last section of the app, and when you send a message to the realflights, they will reply to you with some info. I hope that some of you know how to do this, because if you do, you can give us a feedback.

Below you can see a still of a screen of the realflights emulator app.

Realflights app for android

The app is compatible with android devices with 2.3, 4 and above

If you want to download the app, you can find it in the Google play store or the Apple app













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