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pdf files to large datasets comprising hundreds of datasets (in CSV format), such as regional or global ocean and coastal data, global sea ice data, and point/area locations on the Antarctic Continent.

Cygnus is a multi-platform, cloud-based open source information management system for managing data in various formats (text, spreadsheet, CAD, Image, Geo, and VRT files).

SeaHDF is a free, open-source, high performance computing (HPC) data file format for the ocean. The main goal of the project is to provide a fast, scalable and robust data file format that can be compiled and linked in modern programming languages and data processing frameworks. The software is available for free under the GNU GPL v3 license and is open source software.

HydroMap is a web-based visualization system that enables users to visualize and analyze hydrographic data by providing many different layers of data, using many different formats, and on many different scales. Data can be obtained from many different types of sensors, such as LIDAR, sonar, multibeam, gliders, drifting buoys, floats and moored sensors, and multiple-beam echo sounders. The use of the system is described in the HydroMap book.

HAL is a library for image processing in Python. In the book, the libraries for image processing were demonstrated.

Image or GPS coordinate time series for a ship’s position and direction during a voyage can be plotted in a scientific visualization. These are used in a next generation autonomous system (NGAAS), where the ship is under the control of a computer rather than a person.

Waveguide is a free, open-source, production-quality wave generator for generating waves and sounds of different depths, wavelengths and types.

See also

Airborne environmental survey

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Autonomous underwater vehicle


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Hydrostatic immersion (DOV)

Instrument platform

Interferometric synthetic aperture radar

Marine archaeology

Marine geology

Marine geophysical survey

Multibeam echosounder

Ocean buoy

Remote sensing

Remote sensing of the atmosphere and ocean

Scientific diving

Seismic survey




Water temperature

Water-based sonar

Video camera

Visual Interpretation of Sonar


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