Phyisource Com Reviews: Think Twice Before You Buy

A variety of products are available in this online store, including an XL Air Fryer, a Magical Christmas tree Cook Anywhere, Anytime, a tiny scooter, a NATURAL LATEX Mattress Set, T-shirts, and other clothing. However, there are a lot of factors you should consider before choosing it as your online shopping destination. On its product Details pages, it features a fake McAfee trust seal. Your financial and personal information, including your credit card number, may be exposed if you make a purchase through this website. It claims to offer a wide variety of goods at absurdly low costs that no real retailer, not even on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, could afford to give. The website has a tonne of information, including a theme that goes well with many bogus websites.


It has substituted the domain name of a different website for the one it owns on its Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other pages, i.e., Yiyu, but it hasn’t disclosed any information about its connection to that website. Legitimate businesses, however, always disclose their affiliation with other sister websites, if they are connected to any. It includes a return policy, which has been criticised for being a little overly generous for exchanging or returning goods. Because of these sites’ perplexing practises, it is very hard to get a complete refund from them.

According to comments from users of competing websites, customer service and delivery times there are also generally subpar. On the basis of the aforementioned information, Phyisource may be categorically identified as one of the scam websites.

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