One Solar Guardian kneels and places

Mission 3 – Mission 3 – This mission is sort of RuneScape gold a sequel to Devious Minds. Remember how at the end of Devious Minds, you were informed that Temple Knights would try to duplicate the Bow Sword you made? Now is the time to test it. You will need to have 20 attack and 34 range. A bow sword and 20 mithrilarrows are given to you. Then, you will be put in a room with a few enemies. Your bow sword can allow you to cause damage up to 20 in range, and 40 when using melee. Complete the mission. You will get additional Bow Swords in reward. They are great for combat and range.Mission 4: To catch a Thief. Go to Port Sarim Jail for this mission. Talk to the thief in the cell. He’ll reveal that he hidden some valuable loot. The thief isn’t going to speak, since only his accomplice knows where the location is. Find the 16th level Thief in Port Sarim, and select Follow. He will eventually stand in front of the odd statue that is located in Port Sarim. To find the treasure you need to use a spade, and dig after he has gone. Tiffy Cashien will take it backHow to obtain the required items: You’ll need an Solar Ore as well as a Solar Bar. The mining site and Solar Ore on the west side of the. You can extract the crystal-clear rocks by going down into the crater. You will be awarded one Solar Ore. Bring Hammers. To create an Solar Bar, combine the solar ore with the furnace. Select the Smith Solar Staff and use the Solar Bar to create a Solar Bar. Once you have received an Solar Staff, you will require it. You’ll need at least 70 Magic and 80 Attack in order to utilize the Solar Staff.What you need to do How to get it: First, return to mine six solar ore. Then, return to your furnace, and melt 6 solar bars. They can be used to create the following items using the anvil The items include: 1 Solar Hood 1 pair of Solar Gauntlets; 1 pair of Solar Boots; 1 Solar Robe Top. They need 70 Magic and 80 defense in order to wear.The Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. How to obtain: Get an ordinary tinderbox, and walk up the steps in Cheiftan’s cabin. You’ll receive an Ancient Tinderbox when you dip it into the Fountain of Ancients. Then, you can use the Operate option on the Solar Staff to enchant the item. The result is an Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. It is possible to take the bowl off the table of Cheif at home and make it an firebox. To make the Ancient Tinderbox, you must be level 70 in Firemaking.The hole can be found by walking all up south to South Island. Let the ceremony begin! (Player Name) What is the best way to begin? Ubei, Lavak Simat, Simat Carnem, Salverous Amarka SolariusOne Solar Guardian kneels and places the logs from the nightmare into the hole. A second Solar Guardian kneels down and illuminates the logs of nightmares using the buy RS gold Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. Savarain Solar, stop!

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