Ocx Plug In Version 207 11 09 2012

Download ✓✓✓ https://bltlly.com/2k157f


Ocx Plug In Version 207 11 09 2012


Download ✓✓✓ https://bltlly.com/2k157f


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chrisccoulson: the label is now the same as the comment, should that be fixed?

didrocks – yeah, i think so. just a bug in the comments model ūüėČ

chrisccoulson: heh, just having fun, the webapp guys will also be complaining√ʬĬ¶


there’s a bug with the comments model already though, and i think we’re going to have to ship them separately

but they only need to be separate on the server, and not on the client

we already show the comments label at the bottom of the gtk comment view

they can be associated with a parent comment already


I guess we can at least ship both ūüôā

and i don’t think anyone has ever really noticed the difference between them ūüėČ

I think you just have to make people notice it ūüôā

yeah, right

aaah, me and the webapps guys are thinking the same thing, that bug in the comments model is already in us

cool, i’ll fix that

i’ve added a comment to bug 791742 anyway

Launchpad bug 791742 in firefox “Plugins : Firebug no longer works on the default session” [Medium,Confirmed]

i guess i should link it to the bug that affects the default profile also

that might be easier than trying to sort out another change in libxul-embedding

mdeslaur, you have a good eye for spotting broken uploads ūüėČ

chrisccoulson: ew

heh, I didn’t work with the webapps guys for the first time in a while

how can













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