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your keyboard.


The only value you are sending is the queryString. If you remove the?, the expected behaviour should be shown.

The URL should be localhost:8080/springMVCHelper, not localhost:8080/springmvchelper?

Microwave and radiative dielectric relaxation of insulin in water and methanol.

We have measured the dielectric relaxation properties of insulin in water and methanol over the frequency range 0.1-1000 GHz and 25-300 K. The dielectric loss, alpha, and dissipation, alpha’, as well as the molar conductivity, gamma, were determined. The temperature-dependent relaxation behavior was fit to a model based on the Debye-Stokes-Einstein theory to yield the hydrodynamic parameters D and a. An additional variable to represent the hydration structure of insulin in the two media was also introduced. We find that water and methanol are good solvent environments for insulin and that the structure of insulin is the same in both media. This is in contrast to previous reports that insulin is less structured in water than in methanol. The hydrodynamic parameters D and a show a strong temperature dependence and vary in the following order: water>methanol>glycerol. The structure-related changes in the relaxation of insulin were interpreted to arise from the rearrangement of H-bonded water molecules in water.The game is set for a May 20 release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Crytek’s upcoming VR racer, Crytek’s upcoming VR racer, The Climb will include virtual reality support for the HTC Vive.

The upcoming extreme-sports game will













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