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What is the purpose of TransactionScope(Suppress)?

A colleague has implemented some of my code in a test environment where it doesn’t actually do anything, so we don’t need to worry about transactions – it’s just for development. I was reading the MSDN article on TransactionScope, and it says that using

TransactionScope(TransactionScopeOption.Suppress) makes the transaction entirely implicit, and this should only be used in a test environment where it doesn’t actually do anything.

The reason for doing this is not explicitly stated, but if I understand correctly it suppresses the transaction so that it doesn’t appear in the SQL server trace. Does anyone have any idea why this would be useful? The full text of the article is here:


The main reason is that this is needed when your application performs an operation using SQL Traces (and depending on your environment, maybe MDF).

Let’s say you have a customer who has 500 customers, each with a Customer record, and each update is logged.

If you don’t have the transaction this looks like:

update Customer

set CustomerID =…

where CustomerID =…

If you do have the transaction this looks like:

begin transaction

This is where you are suppresses the transaction.

It’s not necessary to suppress the transaction in SQL Server for that reason, however you are probably suppressing the transaction for a good reason ūüôā

To the best of my knowledge, this is for when you are running a test.

You can get a very complete list of what it does here.

If you are not using transactions it













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