Mystery Of Burma: Beyond The Dotehtawady Movie Mp4 Download [Latest] 2022

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Mystery Of Burma: Beyond The Dotehtawady Movie Mp4 Download


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Is there anything on my computer or phone that might be making these problems?
Oct 13, 2018
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Internet Explorer 11 with HTML5 Geolocation API

I have an application I have been working on for a while now. Everything is working fine except for IE 11. I have read multiple articles and forums and none have helped. The problem is that IE 11 and IE 10 that have been updated via Windows Updates will not get a location from my application, or any other application. If I try to fix this with a manifest file it will tell me that it is invalid, even though the manifest is formatted correctly. I have tried updating IE, resetting IE, and more.


After about 10 hours of investigation I have found a solution to this problem. To use the geolocation API in IE 11 you must disable certificate pinning. To do this follow these steps:

Go to Internet Options
Click on the Advanced tab
Click on the Settings button under Secure Connection
Click on View Certificates
Click on the All Certificates button
Select the option for Turn on SmartScreen which will be set to “Disabled”
Click on Ok.

The application will now use the geolocation API in IE 11.

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