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It is a resale part store specializing in the m…

Midnight Auto Parts. 2,449 likes. Get the best prices on auto parts, tires, batteries, battery accessories, oil, and more! We offer free delivery on all orders to L…

Midnight Auto Parts. 5,281 likes. Midnight Auto Parts offers the best prices on car parts, tires, battery accessories, oil, and more. We ship to most locations within 48…

Midnight Auto Parts. 2,558 likes. Midnight Auto Parts has been around since man invented the wheel. It is a resale part store specializing in the automotive industry. Our c…

Midnight Auto Parts. 760 likes. Midnight Auto Parts is here to serve your auto repair needs and our passion is in giving you the best prices on auto parts.Last night we found ourselves walking down Detroit’s main drag, Grand River Avenue. One could be forgiven for thinking it was a ghost town, or a scene from an apocalyptic future, as the city itself seems to be on its knees. With a population of 731,000 and a history of industrial might, Detroit’s demise began with the advent of the automobile and an inexorable movement away from the city’s factories. This shift was exacerbated by the growth of the suburbs, the decline of auto manufacture, and the decline of Detroit’s black population. With all this in mind, Detroit’s municipal bankruptcy filing was inevitable.

As we walked down the street, we came across two individuals sitting on a step stool, a man and a woman. The man is selling a cell phone, and as you would expect it’s a shiny, expensive cell phone. And while there was no sign on the market, the man said it was a Samsung. As we passed, he looked up at us and said: “I’m selling this because I need to make rent.” There are probably many people out there who will take a cell phone and flip it over and over again just for its camera functions, but we found it a stark reminder of the city’s decline.

The idea of Detroit as a city full of hardworking, but impoverished individuals struggling to just survive in the shadows of an abandoned city is no longer an accurate one. Rather, it’s a city where the poorest of the poor are now far from the precipice of despair. The average Detroit household makes $17,000 a













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