Microsoft Autoroute Euro 2013 Language Pack

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Microsoft Autoroute Euro 2013 Language Pack


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Get free traffic reports for your journeys on RouteUK, including local traffic and national speed cameras. It’s available as a standalone or as part of the RouteUK app.


Whilst AutoRoute is available as both a free download for Windows PC and Mac and as an app for iOS devices, most users opt for the web based version which is fully supported on Android, iPad and iPhone.

AutoRoute contains most of the features of a navigation software like TomTom or Google Maps. The following are some of the features that it has:

Convenient user interface

A toolbox of features: built in turn-by-turn directions, map showing speed limit, exits and how many minutes away they are, list of public transport routes and links to sat navs. There’s also a link to the RAC website, which is useful for finding out about traffic and parking

Live traffic reports

Road and street maps

Built in sat nav

Google, Apple and TomTom maps can be downloaded from AutoRoute

Travel plans

In-built travel planner which will suggest times and dates to make your journey

Find a suitable hotel and show you the estimated total costs and how many miles you can save by choosing this option

Price: Free

The mobile versions of AutoRoute are available for both iPhone and iPad. If you’re a Windows Phone user, you may need to use an app like TravelMobile or a third party.

iGO Navigation

There are various apps available for Android, and iPhone and iPad to enable you to navigate with your smartphone. Each one of these have been designed with a specific feature, such as the ability to bookmark your favourite places, or specific traffic information to help you avoid delays.

There are various features that are included in each app. A few of the features are:

Flexible use of your phone to determine the route, so you can see and use all of your features, whilst not having your phone in your hand

The ability to store your favourite places for quick and easy access

Simplified voice directions that you can hear through your speakers

Traffic information and web links to information

Full screen, high quality maps

Apps for Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a platform developed by Microsoft and there are quite a few companies who have apps to allow you to navigate and determine your route with your phone.













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