Mere Sapno Ki Rani 1997 Movie Download

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Mere Sapno Ki Rani 1997 Movie Download


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Swim with the dolphins!

I have wanted to go dolphin watching since I was a kid. I grew up in Southern California and my dad used to take us to San Onofre just north of San Diego, and also in Ensenada, Mexico. I remember being so excited and going along with it. It was a lot of fun. A cool thing was, the dolphins would swim up to the boat. I remember one time I was a toddler, and a group of them came to the side of the boat, with a mother and child in the middle. The child was waving at them, and the mom kept telling him to stop, but it was really cute to watch.

Now that I have kids, I have wanted to take my kids and spend a week or two with them, away from the city. I have been wanting to do that for years. I just never thought I would have the time. But now I do.

In December of 2016, my friend, Angelica, and I decided to go on a mission trip to a farm in Ecuador, South America.










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