Membuat Aplikasi Stok Gudang Dengan Access.pdf [Updated-2022]

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Membuat Aplikasi Stok Gudang Dengan Access.pdf


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First up, our team has been working hard to make sure we have nothing to sell. Unfortunately, just recently we were approached by a company who’s name I’d rather not say, with some offers they made to us. One offer was that if we accept their proposals and set up an app store like theirs, and sell them our appstore. In return they would pay us a small fee and distribute our apps to their customers, who would be pre-registered to use our app store. They also stated that they would promote our apps in their own app stores.

The next part is a little disturbing, they asked us to go on a 2-year lease at a flat worth a few million dollars and require us to move out every 2 years when the lease was up. The building we were going to was not up for lease, only our apartment on the 8th floor. The lease is a long term lease, up to 5 years, this means that it will be for 3 years before we move out.

This is the first thing that set me thinking, a company that would rather commit us to a long term lease with no possibility of moving out and would make us move out every 2 years after a lease, than letting us make money as we see fit?

Since the company offered all of these, I also thought, this is not an ordinary business opportunity. They have their own app store, they do not want to distribute our apps in their own, they have no intention to pay us for our apps, they want to require us to move out every 2 years and they are most likely a scam, or a company trying to exploit innocent entrepreneurs.

I am an independent software developer with an average of 5 years experience in app development.

First, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this application. I believe my app will be useful to you.

I am willing to provide you an app that solves your problem, I am also willing to assist you in building your own app.

As for the description of my app, it will be very useful. I am willing to provide a free demo for you.

If you want to learn more, I will provide you a link to my blog.

I am looking for a team that has the same mindset as I do.

I would like to know who you are and













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