Mango, Lavender or No Scent hair and body butters

Made with ingredients we all know and love. Ingredients carefully selected to help your hair:


Seal in moisture, reduce breakage, strengthen the hair follicles, reduces dandruff, and re-hydrate without clogging pores.



Moisturize, nourish, soften and help soothe skin issues such as eczema  and rashes


Mango, Kokum and Shea butter.

Jojoba, Argan, Sweet Almond, Hemp Seed, jamaican  black castor oil and Guava seed Oil

Moringa and Burdock root oils infused w/ stinging nettle and calendula

A blend of essential oils

Vitamin E

-Mango scented butter has rosemary, sweet orange essential oils and Mango fragrance. 

-Lavender scented butter has lavender essential oil.

-No scent butter doesn’t have any essential oils. 


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