Make it make sense

Begging caucasians for paper (money) that’s not worth a copper penny. It’s time We realize that if We want reparations, We must give it to Ourselves. Open Black businesses in Black neighborhoods, Support Black businesses like you do nonBlack businesses, Make Black businesses and products your 1st choice. Most People that received reparations, met certain prerequisites. The Ashkenazis used their reparations to build/create services/societies that benefit Their People. The Chinese, The Native Americans, The Eskimos/Inuit, and every other group of People that has received raparations used the money the same way.  What services/societies will We invest Our reparation money in? So, if We REALLY want reparations, We MUST give it to Ourselves. Because even if it takes caucasians another 400 years to finally do right by Us, if We take the measures in the 1st paragraph, then We will ALL see something better than reparations… a unified, flourishing global Black community.

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