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I had a great time working on your code! You definitely learned a lot by just playing around with the code and making small changes. I think it was fun and I would recommend it to any beginner!

Things to do to make it better:

start using TypeScript instead of the default Javascript

A bit of style and naming

Correctly use the format methods on a JSON Object

I would also recommend you to use async/await instead of callbacks. This is the way to make it easier to reuse code.

class Player {

constructor(profile = {}) {

this.profile = {

_id: profile._id,


_rev: 0,

creator: profile.creator,

player: profile.player


Object.assign(this.profile, profile)


setPlayer(profile) {

this.profile.player = profile


async function makeRequest() {

try {

const response = await fetch(“” + this.profile._id + “/?&limit=1”)

const body = await response.json()

const stringifiedBody = JSON.stringify(body)

const json = JSON.parse(stringifiedBody) = || 0 = || 0 = || 0 = || false

let result

try {

result = await, this.profile.player)


} catch(e) {

console.log(“Failed to make request to Player Api”)

throw e













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